How to Use the News Positively

A little while back I wrote a post ‘No News Nook’. I described how I’d reduced my current affairs intake in favour of making my own headlines. Here’s one where a wee bird came and sat right up close. Now isn’t that something to shout about? When it comes to what’s happening in the wider world we can’t bury our heads in the sand entirely. Yet it’s all too easy to feel overwhelmed or frightened when what is happening impacts us yet seems outside our control So today, in the hope of turning the tide a little, I’m going to reflect on ‘How to Use The News Positively’.

As A Call For Action To Help Wider Society and the Environment

Use the local, national and global news to think about how you can take action, perhaps to help people, other sentient beings or the planet. . This may be through gifting, sharing information, volunteering, campaigning, or praying if you’re inclined. Positive action, however small, is a step in the right direction Information may be gleaned through a variety of media Through your local news outlet you might learn about a community scheme that you could become involved in. Or the national or international press may provide insights into how you can help alleviate a more far reaching issue.

To Acquire Information To Serve You

Being well informed may mean that you are better equipped to look after yourself and your nearest and dearest. It may mean that you are more able to make decisions about finances or your health and well-being.. The news may equip you with knowledge about events you’d like to attend. It can warn you about possible trouble ahead so that you can take action to negate or reduce its impact, weather events for instance. Threats can range from the life threatening to mild annoyance.

Be mindful about the news content that you expose yourself to. Set boundaries around, for instance, the time that you spend each day reading and listening. And if you are affected adversely by what you see or hear think about sharing what has troubled you with a friend, support group or professional.

To Develop Understanding and Ideas

It is good to be exposed to information that challenges our view of the world and develops our thinking. Greater awareness about the lives of others can help us appreciate what we have or inspire us to change for the better. We are able to respond to others sensitively and with compassion if we have knowledge of their circumstances and culture.

To Seek Out The Positive Stories

Historically bad news sold newspapers. It is why we are fed a printed diet of doom and gloom. Yet in among the tragedy there’s stories of hope and inspiration. And there are even news organisations that focus on positivity. Have a look at Positive News and Kindling for sound examples.

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