Health Update

Time for an health update after starting HRT more than a month ago.  The balance hasn’t yet been restored, hence my picture of stones I piled up on Beer Beach. I think that I stacked ten of them and they’re just about to fall over! I’m still off work long term sick so my new medication hasn’t been quite the miracle cure. 

Aside from a foggy brain that either runs at a rate of knots or too slowly, I feel much better mentally: no excessive anxiety or low mood.   What’s still keeping me away from my desk is unpredictable levels of fatigue.  I have no idea what each day will bring.  Often I’m so tired that it would be dangerous to drive and I have to gauge whether it’s safe on each individual occasion. This factor alone makes my tricky commute untenable.  Apparently prescribed progesterone can increase drowsiness.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it’s a side effect that will wear off.

It still takes me all day to bundle on through what I might have accomplished in the time before I got out of the door in the  morning at 7:20am.  I noticed this last week when I had to spread changing the beds over two days.  As for that early start forget it.  There are now days where I don’t wake up until after 8am. Unheard of in the past!    A nap just after lunchtime is the norm: It’s a necessity and not a luxury.  You see,  it’s hard to picture how my current routine would fit into a regular 9-5 working day.

The last days of my full-time employment weren’t supposed to be like this.  I was going to build on my previous achievements and go out with a bang.  But what will be, will be.  Although I’m sad on one level I’ve also developed an air of acceptance.  I’ve learned that you can’t really jostle on healing.  It sets its own pace.

I’m still doing many things to help myself and will be adding a review of my sleep habits to the mix.  Dr Michael Mosley, a fellow insomniac has just presented an interesting episode of Horizon on BBC TV on sleeping well.   It’s not just quantity but quality as well.  UK readers should be able to access this for about another year by following the link.   One of the suggestions was restricting sleep, going to bed really late and waking up at the crack of dawn,  to retrain the body to behave and increase deep sleep and REM sleep.   I’m going to pick a time in the next few weeks to try this and see if it improves my perkiness levels.   I liked the idea of accessing early morning light too.  I’ll give these tips a go and give another health update once my mission has been accomplished. Fingers crossed!

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