I have a favourite hat, yes this one, bought around eight or nine years ago. It’s nothing special, costing around the fifteen pound mark from somewhere like Millets or Mountain Warehouse. Designer it ain’t. I’m wearing it here in the garden of my friend to keep the son off while sipping something cooling and pink! Happy days!

And here it is again worn to protect the old bonce on a boat trip off the coast of Seattle. Since my hair went grey many moons ago I’m a bit susceptible to sunburn on the scalp. It’s perfect protection. Louis was wee and loved me then. Now I am definitely second fiddle to his teenage girlfriend.

Here it is again accompanying me on a trip to a favourite Breton spot. Fingers crossed we’ll be able to return in 2022. It’s worn slightly differently here, further back on the head. It’s really rather versatile. I can also ring the changes by pulling the sides using the neck string. It has a very cowgirl feel.

And here’s a more recent one taken in the kayak. The hat is just the thing to keep the sun off the back of my neck while paddling. There’s a theme here. Only the smile is wider.

I’ve been fretting lately though. I thought that I’d lost my precious to me headgear and searched high and low for it in vain. Could it have fallen out of the kayak when we were carrying it back to the car after a trip out? Did I lose it when I went to visit my parents in Essex? My attempts to find a prospective replacement were not hopeful. There were a lot that were similar but not quite right: Rim too big: Wrong colour: Fabric too stiff:

Yet, as I was ready to resign myself to an imperfect successor I found it in a random drawer. Hurrah! I lose things quite often. The boys mock me. ‘I know where everything is in this house.’ I told them. I’ve never quite lived that down. But I have a philosophical view about losing stuff. I wonder if we do it just to experience the joy of finding it again.

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