Hag Stones

I’m rather partial to the type of activities that involve grubbing around in nature: foraging, litter picking, scavenger hunts and yes, beach combing.  One of the things that I seek out are pebbles with holes.  They’re known around these parts as hag stones.

Now I was going to do a bit of research and write a few lines but I found another blogger, Puffins and Pies,  had done rather a beautiful job of describing how they might be made and the folklore behind them.  It’s way better than I could do with the few minutes that I have before my first morning cuppa.   So you can follow the link here.    I was particularly taken by the idea that, in folklore, the holes are said to be formed by snakes.  Adderstones is an alternative name for them.  And I was surprised that the  holes in the stones that I find on the beach near me are probably not formed by little wormy things as I’d thought.  Come to think of it it would have to be a mighty strong beasty to bore through something that hard.

My favourite hag stone is the heart shaped one pictured at the top of this page. It was found  for me by my much loved nephew on my favourite beach.  How symbolic is that!  Sometimes I wear it on a silver chain around my neck.  I love to peer through the hole in the stone.  Some say that doing this will give you a different perspective on life.

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