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As I’m having a brief lull in my own mosaicking so that our dining table is clear for a while, I thought it would be good to feature some tiny tiles from other people. The wonderful work of the Hackney Mosaic Project keeps on popping up on social media and I was keen to find out more. It was set up by the mosaic artist, Tessa Hunkin and has two wonderful aims: to beautify forgotten parts of the environment and to engage people with mental health and addiction problems. Volunteering would be a wonderful retirement project for me but alas! East London is a bit too far. I’ll have to make do with a virtual tour. The first picture is a beautiful sign made for a community centre.

Hackney Mosaic Project

Here’s another one, in a public place on the wall of a Sainsbury’s in Hoxton. Such energy! It commemorates a old music hall. Even though I don’t know the area I can imagine how these wonderful works brighten up otherwise dull walls. There’s a trail map, produced by the project, for people who want to know where to spot the publicly displayed works.

The Hackney Mosaic Project don’t just make large installations. Some of the participants produce individual pieces of work. Here’s one from their 2015 exhibition. As an occupational therapist and someone with lived experience of depression and anxiety I totally get why mosaic is a wonderful medium for this client group. It’s so forgiving. Even absolute beginners can produce stunning pieces. I’ve often watched a newbie’s delight as a work springs to life after it’s been grouted. It also a good activity when people can only concentrate for a short period of time. It can easily be picked up and put down.

Back to the big ones though. If you visit London Zoo you might spot these wonderful penguins outside the gate. They’re like the Yin and Yang of the Arctic world!. There’s also monkey mosaic too at the same site that’s just as skillfully crafted.

The Hackney Mosaic Project also have an Etsy page There’s a diverse bunch of subject matter so I can see how it might caters to different tastes. This ‘Dad’s Army’ themed piece caught my eye. The items in the shop are made to a high standard and very reasonably priced. You could bag a piece of original art for a bargain. And of course the proceeds support such a brilliant organisation. I hope that I’ve persuaded you that it’s really worth taking a look.

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