Tiny Habits

Today’s picture might well mislead. For I am not going to talk about the garb of monks. Rather I want to touch on a different type of habits, acts that become ingrained into our everyday life.

Now I’m a sucker for self improvement books. Even though most of the ones that I read are not keepers I might draw an idea or two from each. ‘Tiny Habits’ by BJ Fogg is one that’s earned a permanent place in the rainbow bookshelf. It’s one I’ll read over and over again, each time assimilating more of the ideas into my everyday life. I won’t go into massive detail as I’ve included a link to my latest guru’s website here. It’s a great resource and explains things much better than I can. Pop over and have a look. Essentially the book expands upon the idea of hanging practices that you want to adopt onto things that are already in your schedule.

For instance you can do this by making seemingly insignificant changes to your environment. I remember to take my multi-vitamins now that they are next to my deodorant in the bathroom cabinet. Likewise my night-time medication. I rarely forget this now that it is stored close to where I keep my pyjamas. Or one task that might lead to another just because you’re in the right place at the right time. A lovely cup of tea is made for my commute as I now pop the kettle on while I’m filling my lunchbox. Somehow along the way I now fill a water bottle too so that I stay hydrated while I’m at work. And in that same interval Di-Dough, our sour dough starter, gets fed. The habit has expanded!

As you might have guessed the book focuses on small changes but these do lead to bigger ones. Somehow I’ve re-established my three day a week running habit merely by having an intention to change into suitable clothing for a little trot around the block. Once I look the part I might as well go outside and get jogging!

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