Gull Hunt

There’s a gull hunt going on in town at the moment. Given that this is the English seaside the buggers aren’t too tricky to find all year round. I’ve written before about their antics that include attacking me on my runs. But a flock of much more benign creatures have descended on Torbay in the form of the Stolen Seagull Scavenger Hunt. It goes on until 11 September. One hundred birdies decorated by schools community groups and artists are displayed around our coastal towns.

There’s a few that I’ve snapped in Brixham shop windows. I find it ironic that the first one introducing this post is in a local ice cream parlour given their propensity to nick a cone or two. Having said that our resident gulls aren’t too bad when it comes to nicking food. They could learn a lot of scavenging habits from their Cornish brethren in St Ives. There, we’ve watched them ganging up on poor unsuspecting tourists with truly evil fervour.

Here’s another that I spotted in one of my favourite charity shops who seems to have made friends with a scarecrow. Ha! I’ve just been spotting the gulls when I pop to the shops but for serious trail hunters there’s a map that can be downloaded from this link to the English Riviera website. Thank goodness Louis is now grown up. He’d have been dragging me everywhere to find every last one of them. I distinctly remember getting fed up of the sight of spotting Paddington and Shaun the Sheep.

Ooh here’s another at the other end of Fore Street in a gift shop window. Maybe my whinging is unfounded. We did have a lot of fun trapsing around cities on these ‘treasure hunts. I’m enjoying spotting the gulls. It can be a lovely family activity and the best bit is that it’s free.

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