Grey Hair

Here’s a windswept selfie that I took last autumn on a blowy Cornish beach. It was Constantine Bay I think. My grey hair seems to be glowing angelically. I’ve done that thing with the editor where I have given myself the teeniest hint of a David Dickinson glow. It makes up for the fact that I’ve got no make up on. Sheer laziness. I often can’t be bothered with it and anyway Hot Stuff says it makes me look weird. We don’t want that do we?

I chose Lovely Grey, my nom de plume, way back in 2010. At that time I was considered very strange. Maybe I still am but it’s not really about my appearance now. In those golden, olden days it was very rare for anyone under the age of about eighty not to dye their hair if it was in the least bit grey. Just one hair was considered quite shameful Greyness was talked about in terms of being something ageing, that needed be blasted into oblivion by chemicals. Now it’s much more common for people to embrace their inner silver fox or vixen. Some young’uns even sport dyed grey locks. And very good it looks too!

I started to find the odd stray grey strand in among the brown ones at sixteen. My classmates used to pull them out for me in the school library. By eighteen it was a monumental task. I think the home hair dying habit started then. What a palaver! I found too that every tint I chose turned reddish after a few weeks. Not a good look with my skin colouring. It made a mess as well. There was many an argument with my ex after I’d splashed dye on the bathroom tiles on carpets. He may have even been in the right on this rare occasion!

Grey hair is a hereditary thing on my father’s side of the family. I have never seen him with the colour of hair that he was born with. He did have a weird encounter with a bottle of ‘Just for Men’ for a job interview once. but this was never repeated. The top of his head was uniformly graphite in colour. He looked like a pencil. My son has now reached the age where I pull out an odd grey hair for him. He’s not impressed with his genetic make up but I expect he’ll come round. After all his personal grooming is pretty minimal. Metrosexual he ain’t.

I stopped the dyeing malarkey in my mid thirties and have never reached for the bottle since. I cut my hair too. Now this isn’t always a complete success. Half an eyebrow got lopped off once. Thank goodness curls cover a multitude of beauty faux pas. In spite of the lack of professional attention my grey locks have got a lot of compliments over which is just as well for high maintenance look isn’t me. I prefer to spend my time doing other things

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  1. Feeling confident in the look we’re given is a gift. I do color my hair but have a silver fox for a husband, who shall never do the Just for Men experience ever again.

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