Isn’t it funny how we don’t always explore what is immediately on our doorstep? We’d never been to Greenway, the summer getaway of Agatha Christie that is just a stones throw from our own home. But with time off last week we rectified that. It’s a treasure trove of things to see inside and out of the home. It even has a mosaic door sign. Maybe that’s why I warmed to it straight away.

Look at that view of the River Dart! There are lots of lovely footpaths to stroll along outside the house.

The courtyard at the entrance to the property has a secondhand bookstore. The crime section is overrepresented. I wonder why!

The house was decorated for Christmas. Enthusiastic volunteers had knitted hundreds of Christmas puddings. As you do. These caught my eye though. It is heartening to see that posh people had those handmade paper chains too!

I’m thinking of getting some of these to summon the boys when I need a cuppa.

The house is crammed full of clutter. Agatha and her family were obviously not minimalists. Because of this there are some lovely objects to spot. I was taken with his carved stone mouse with the googly eyes.

This design on a big bowl was quite inspiring. I love the palette.

This boatie picture was very pleasing.

And maybe this was my favourite thing of all. Look at all that frou-frou detail!

When the troops ‘borrowed’ the house during the Second World War they adorned the walls of one room with a frieze giving details of their voyage? ‘Shall we paint it over?’ they asked the family when they departed. Of course it was left for posterity.

Who can resist a crow? Even if I have cut his wing off again. See yesterday’s robin for proof that this is a recurring problem.

And here are objects from Agatha’s husbands archeological digs. She used to accompany him on these journeys of discovery.

Now is the moment that I ‘fess up. I’ve never actually read one of Agatha’s books or even watched an episode of Poirot or Miss Marple. Given the local connection this is something that I may have to rectify.

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