Grayson’s Art Club Revisited

I loved the ‘In My Head’ episode of this year’s Grayson’s Art Club so much. In particular I was taken by Philippa Perry’s metaphor for the mind. She described it like being a candle in an unlit aircraft hangar. The flame represented our conscious and all that dark space was the unconscious. Alas my own entry ‘Focus on the Breath’ wasn’t picked for the exhibition. Even so I’m glad I conceived and created it and would consider an entry next year. For in completing the project I gained insights into my psyche. It could even trigger improvements to my wellbeing.  And every mosaic that I complete is a learning experience. There are always techniques to hone and things I’d improve if I made a similar piece again.

I’ve recently visited the exhibition from Grayson’s Art Club 2021 series. It’s on at Bristol Museum at the moment. I thought that it was a fitting time to show some of the photos that I’ve took there. The first two shots are of pieces by Grayson and Philippa Perry. Featuring Alan Measles, Grayson’s childhood bear is a given. I love some of the willow pattern pottery that Philippa Perry produces but was also taken by her needlepoint cushion.

This had to be my favourite exhibit, an expression of vulnerability, sadness and hope made during the Covid period by Isabelle Ewing.

Still from the COVID days but on a lighter note I loved the story of how Stephen Colgan started a ‘Monster Zoo’. Children around the town made monsters for it and hunted for them during lockdown.

Now this is ‘Norman’, Johnny Vegas’ alter-ego I remember him being made on the second series and being rather taken by him.

And I loved the record of a father’s A-Z of cheesy jokes. Here’s a close up of my favourite.

The exhibition comes highly recommended. As well as dedicated gallery space some of the exhibits are hidden in the museum’s general collection. Catch it if you can!

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