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I mentioned the other day that, following the completion of Hot Stuff’s house sale, our home became overrun with his possessions. They are mainly stacked in a corner of the dining room and sun room waiting to be allocated storage space that has yet to be built. Eek!

There’s a cyclic connection between my mental wellbeing and the state of my environment. So I’m finding the current situation difficult. I’m coping by adopting active practical and psychological strategies. Decluttering my own possessions, keeping the living room and bedrooms as places of relative order and looking forward to a time where all the work on the house is done are beneficial to some extent. One other thing that I’m doing is being grateful for some of Hot Stuff’s possessions that have made a positive difference to my life. Yes there is the good stuff amongst all that clutter. So, as part of this exercise I’m listing ten of them here.

  1. The witches broom: Just like the one in today’s post picture. Such a good yard sweeper upper. ‘Here’s your new car.’ said Hot Stuff’s mate when he passed it over. My reputation precedes me!
  2. The gas tumble drier: This absolutely has to be numero uno (although it’s at number two in this list. Duh!). It’s the most amazing obscure household appliance that I’ve ever come across. So cheap to run, it has barely a dent on my gas bill at all. During the winter when it’s difficult to line dry washing I am no longer living in a house that resembles an old fashioned laundry. Multiple washloads are done, dusted and put away in a day.
  3. A set of steps: These slide in next to the fridge and stop me doing that dangerous teetering on chairs when I want to reach high up. Probably a good thing given that little accidents seem to seek me out.
  4. An extra freezer: Really useful for extending our bulk buying and advanced meal preparation habits. Hot Stuff is talking about putting half a pig in there.
  5. A washing up bowl: I didn’t have one. Really! How can such an inconsequential object make such a difference? Being able to move stuff waiting to be washed out of the sink has made such a positive difference to my life. Sometimes it’s the little things.
  6. A king sized pocket sprung mattress: Now I don’t sleep with Hot Stuff but do pop into his bed for tea, chats and snuggles. He replaced my own memory foam mattress with the one from the bed in his old home. It’s so much more comfy. So, I’ve done a bit of sale shopping and treated myself to a new one of my own. After all we’re in bed for more than a third of our lives. Might as well make it as comfortable as possible.
  7. A tiny Dyson: One of those stick type ones that hangs on the wall. Except that it hasn’t got a home on a vertical surface yet!
  8. His lordship’s antlers: Adds that quirkiness that I love to the living room.
  9. His big black puffer jacket: So snuggly. I ignore the cries of ‘What are you doing in my coat?’ as I run out of the door wearing it.
  10. A jigsaw: No! Not the five hundred piece type but a power tool that I’ve never owned before. Just the best thing for cutting the bases for my mosaics.

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