Gonzalo Chillida: Marina

At the Fundacio Joan Miro in Barcelona there was an exhibition in 2014 called ‘Beyond the Horizon’. It was an artistic exploration of the point at which the land or sea meets the sky. What great subject matter for an exhibition. I popped in while waiting for a coach to take me to an Andorran ski resort with a reluctant eleven year old in tow. An overnight stop was part of a cunning ploy to have a bargain bucket alpine holiday just after New Year. It worked out really well!

I was very moved by some of the pieces there. It included an amazing film, ‘Running Fence’ which documented the artist Christo’s project to build a massive line of nylon panels, some twenty four miles long which plopped into the ocean at the Californian coast. Somehow I managed to get Louis to entertain himself while I watched the whole thing. It worked out okay. He only got told off once.

However this was my absolute favourite exhibit, Marina, a 1978 seascape by Gonzalo Chillida, an artist from San Sebastian.  So clever, so  inspiring, so grey! Unfortunately none of my friends and family agree that it is a masterpiece. They don’t see its allure. Didn’t some Philistine describe it as looking as if someone was testing paint colours before decorating? I think that I love it though because it is so reminiscent of the fogs that have been a feature of my seaside homes in Southend and Brixham. A wonderful calm comes over a place when they descend.

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