Here’s the Scratch the World Travel Map that’s on Louis’ wall. It was bought for him by ‘Auntie’ Salty Dog, a seasoned adventurer who wanted to encourage his wanderlust. You can find a similar one by following the link. As my son is a funny sausage he hasn’t scratched off Scotland even though he’s been there. He was too young to remember the trip so he maintains that it didn’t happen. He’s also only revealed the states and provinces in the US and Canada that he’s been too. I suppose that it will give him more of a challenge as an intrepid explorer.

I’m not really that well travelled myself having confined my overseas jaunts to Europe and North America. Actually I lie. I have been to Asia briefly. When I was staying in Istanbul I crossed there on the ferry from the European side just to say that I’d been. But it hardly counts does it? I’ll argue that I’m going for quality not quantity. There’s lots of places that I’m in love with and visit again and again. And owning a motorhome for the last fifteen years or so has changed the way that I travel. To make the most of my relatively expensive toy I’ve reduced the number of leisure flights that I make to new places from three or four a year to maybe one every two or three years. Maybe the environment thanks me for it.

But there are still a few places further afield that I’d like to see before I leave this mortal coil. New Zealand, India, Cuba, Iceland, Japan and a few Pacific Islands feature on the bucket list. Hot Stuff says that he’d like to do an safari one day too. To keep these far flung places in my mind I’ve added a new game, Globle to my daily mental workout. Like Wordle it’s another one with a daily reset. You start by randomly picking a country and then incrementally inching nearer and nearer to the day’s mystery country. You’re told how far away you are on each go. It’s helping me improve my geographical knowledge and also giving me ideas of new places I’d like to go to. And guess who introduced me to it. Yes, it was that intrepid traveller, Salty Dog!

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