Life moves on and sometimes possessions aren’t a good fit with new circumstances. This can be for a variety of reasons. Sometimes an object will get broken. We know all about that one in our house. Louis and I are both really clumsy. Clothes may not fit anymore or they might go out of style or become just too raggle taggled. Books get read, tech becomes redundant, hobbies get discarded. I’ll occasionally look at a kitchen gadget and think whatever possessed me to buy that! And sometimes there is no longer space for a decorative piece or item of furniture that once might have once held pride of place. That’s where gifting comes in.

A few years ago I gave away some of my most treasured possessions to test my ideas about attachment. My beloved Bernard Moss fisherman was one of those things. Happily he was returned. I also passed on this picture to my friend Salty Dog. I bought it in Dunster from a guy called David Deakins who paints with a palette knife. It warms me to see it in my friend’s home. In fact her house is like a repository for many of my old things. She has a chaise longue, pictures, a jug, bedding, pouffes, a table and this Lloyd Loom chair that she’s just finished upcycling. It was scuffed white with a velour pink cover before.

I’m going through yet another phase of gifting stuff away. Just when you think that you’re cracking this minimalism thing the boyfriend moves in. The merger of our two homes prompted yet more clearance and it’s still ongoing. My friend, Disco Queen Tanya the other day told us how she was simplifying her own life but then snapped up three pieces of china and glass from a selection that I had set aside to give away! I’ll visit her soon to see how it looks in her cottage. And of course Salty Dog is again a beneficiary. She’s bagsied some of the remaining stuff. Soon I’ll feel more at home at her pad than in my own!

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