George and Louisa

Here’s a little nook in the home that I share with my boys. I know its provenance as it was built by the grandfather of a neighbour. George Lovell, lived here with his wife Louisa. It was her who gave the house its name.  It’s a three bedroomed thirties semi, quite typical of its genre in terms of layout. However it has fewer of the adornments that many of the houses of its type have, no deco twists or fancy stained glass. George and Louisa were Methodists. I wonder if that’s why they kept things plain.

Jackie, their granddaughter describes this place as being full of love since they lived here.   At Christmas trellis tables loaded with food were set up in the room that is now my lounge. George and Louisa invited those who could not afford a lavish feast of their own.  It was a hive of activity for the neighbourhood during regatta week too. George was a fisherman who taught most of the other trawlermen in town how to ply their trade. When he passed on the local paper’s headline honoured him as  ‘Father To Us All’.

‘Wow!’ said a friend when they first walked in here. ‘It’s one of the lightest places that I’ve ever been in’.   And it has a wonderful feel, a joyful place.  Maybe it is impregnated with all that goodwill that George and Louisa bestowed here.

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  1. It’s nice to know your house has good Karma. They sound like a swell couple. We’re the first to live here and within the decade, likely someone else will call this home. I hope we created that feeling for the next owners.

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