Every so often I whip up this delicious fudge from Carnation Milk’s ultimate recipe. However I’ll confess and say that my condensed milk tends to come from Lidl because their unbranded version tends to be cheaper. Sorry Carnation! My additions on this occasion were a healthy dose of sea salt and chopped walnuts but even the unadorned version is very tasty indeed. It’s dead easy to make although there’s a lot of stirring involved. If you’re going to give it a go it’s best to have a nice cup of tea or a tipple handy to keep you motivated and hydrated while you’re making it. Diet food it ain’t. This is rich and creamy stuff that contains two types of milk, brown sugar and butter. You don’t need much of it. I even felt a bit sick after licking the saucepan when I’d finished cooking.

This batch was made as a gift for the hosts of a party a few weeks back. They put in on the buffet table for everyone to share. A man, who admittedly had had a few too many sherbets, tasted it and proposed to me on the spot. I declined his kind offer on a number of fronts but it’s a compliment that demonstrates just how good this stuff is. Another great endorsement came from a friend who had a job in a fudge shop who pronounced it better than the stuff that they sell at work.

Ideally you need a sugar thermometer for confectionary production. This was mine before I dropped it and broke the glass. My kitchen floor is not forgiving. I now have a more robust one with a dial but I miss the old one. I didn’t realise its ‘Carry On -esque potential for humour until late on in its life!

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  1. Last year I learned about fudge made with a can of premade frosting and peanut butter. That’s it…and it was delicious. Chocolate or vanilla frosting works.

    • Yep that seems like it would work – similar ingredients minus the dairy. I’m not sure about the availabiiity of frosting in UK supermarkets though. I’ve never looked but might have to. Looks like it might be vegan and please a few people who wouldn’t be able to eat the Carnation version.

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