Freshly Ground

Somewhere along the line since getting the AeroPress we have become coffee wankers. I think that I mentioned that it could be cheaper produce freshly ground beans. Every little helps after all. Two days later this coffee grinder arrived in the house along with enough beans to supply a coffee chain until 2025. Once Hot Stuff gets an idea into his head he’s onto it big style.

The astute among you will note that this has a handle and is a manual grinder. You can get electric ones but I think Hot Stuff had clocked onto the money saving idea. It also doubles up nicely as a bust improving piece of exercise equipment. It takes ages and a fair amount of pectoral effort to reduce just a few beans to a powder. I try to remember to grind with alternate hands just so I don’t end up lopsided on the boobie front.

Of course coffee aficionados would say that it’s worth all that effort to maximise the flavour from the beans. Have I noticed a difference? Well, it’s very nice but I must be an absolute peasant. I can’t say that my taste buds can really discern the difference between freshly and ready ground coffee!

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  1. Oh man. I love fresh ground beans, but my electric one is going on 20 years. Good luck getting the arm strength. Here beans and ground sell by pound and are pretty much the same price.

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