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It’s Wednesday, hump day as it is known to some. After the midday we’re on the downhill run to the weekend. For me, though today is like a minibreak. Every fortnight, in spite of working full-time I have a day off. I’m taking advantage of the flexible working arrangements offered by my employer. By adding an extra fifty minutes to my normal working day I accrue this little piece of midweek respite. To be honest it doesn’t seem that onerous. With regular 9-5 hours I would probably worked the extra time gratis anyway.

Sometimes I use my day off to see friends. Here’s a snapshot from my last one. My long time chums, Red Mel and Spiky Kay, that I bumped into in the common room on the first day of college all met up ‘halfway’ in Taunton. Here we are on the rainbow path that runs alongside the River Tone in the town between a hell of a lot of coffee, some luscious pub grub and intensive charity shopping. My own haul was some bargain greeting cards and a near brand new wardrobe staple, a little black cardigan.

On other Wednesdays I might use the time to study, hobby, potter or do housework so that a huge great list of chores is not hanging over me at the weekend. I’ll make room for a little lie in. It’s a blessing not to have to rush out at the house at stupid o’ clock.

So what’s planned today? A little run along the coast and maybe a swim too. I’ll get the hoover out and start my latest university module. As well as the chores I’m making some time for fun stuff. Hot Stuff hasn’t been well and has been off work for a few weeks, waiting for a hospital appointment. He’s achy, fatigued but very bored. Maybe if he can muster up the strength I can cheer him up with a little treat. To cheer us up we’re popping out for a fishy lunch with a sea view at a local cafe. It’s good to have freed up some time by working non standard hours to make this possible. I’d urge anyone whose employer offers a similar arrangement to take up the offer.

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