My First Linocut

The room that I’m sleeping in this week while dog siting has a print from the first ever linocut that I made on its wall. I gave it as a present to my friend Mr Metrosexual. It’s the product of a course that I did at the Double Elephant studio in Exeter. The teaching there comes highly recommended. I’ve been back several times.

Now I love linocut printing. I’ve mentioned before that I want to get back into it once our home environment is better set up for it. I love the process and also the mental effort that goes into achieving the effect that you’re after. I also like the fact that the artwork isn’t a one off. The same picture can be gifted to lots of friends. Once this got me into trouble with a mate. He thought that he was getting something unique. But then a load of other people asked for a copy of the same picture and I obliged! To make matters worse he took it into a local framers and they told him that they’d seen the print earlier that day.

Now I’m prone to looking at this picture with a very reproachful eye. After all aren’t we our own worst critics? I see the struggle that I had with using the lino cutting tools in the beginnings. My lines are so ill defined. And there’s more. I thought that I hadn’t lined up my phone properly when taking a photo of the print but then I realise it’s on the for goodness sake! But in spite its thoughts I’m growing to love it the more that I look at it from my bed. In spite of the lack of skill that I had when I produced it, it seems to have incredible energy. You can sense the struggle of a fishing boat in a stormy sea.

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