Fisher of Men Mosaic

In the summer, my lovely friend, The Second Martha Stewart, who is a Catholic, wanted to commission a mosaic from me. Of course I didn’t accept. I was happy to do it for free. She gave me a copy of the cross that’s worn by Pope Francis. It’s a beautiful thing that portrays the Good Shepherd with sheep spreading out to it side like angel wings. ‘Make it small,’ said Martha. It will be a new challenge for you. Obviously my reputation for grandiosity precedes me.

I thought carefully about what I’d create. and remembered that Jesus was the fisher of men as well as having a massive woolly flock. He was the original multi-tasker. At one point I had the idea of mounting the cross in a sardine tin. In the end I found a piece of scrap plywood for the backing. It seemed a bit more respectful but I might hold that idea for a further work.

After much thought here’s my fisher of men mosaic knocked up in a few hours. Yes I’ve fulfilled the tiny size remit and kept it simple so that the cross is the main feature. I’m pleased with it though not sure that mosaic on a small scale is my bag. It’s fiddly! I can normally cover the same area of backing material while brewing a cup of tea.

I had the little fishy beads already. They’ve been around for years and years so it’s good to finally find a use for them. The mosaic pieces were all from my scrap jar. I cut a tiny heart and refined its shape with a needle file. Adding one to most of my mosaics has become my signature. Martha’s coming over from the US for Christmas. I’ll present the fisher of men mosaic to her then. I hope that she thinks that I’ve made good use of a treasured souvenir.

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