Fish ‘n’ Chips

We are blessed to live within walking distance of England’s biggest fish market. It means that the seafood that we eat around is superb. I’m planning a future post on where I buy fish to cook myself. But today I thought that I’d do a post about my favourite chippie.

Brixham Fish Restaurant is only open during the season. The owner Garry and his staff take a well earned break during the winter months. Of course there’s a takeaway downstairs but it’s the upstairs restaurant that tempts us in. Many an evening we’ve gone for a walk down the harbour with plans to cook at home. And then the words, ‘Sod it, let’s have fish ‘n’ chips’ pass from the lips of one of us. The other person never argues.

Inside the restaurant isn’t fancy at all. It hasn’t been made over within an inch of his life but it’s clean and tidy and the staff are lovely. Think no nonsense caff and you’ll get the vibe. In fact aside from the fish ‘n’ chips there’s meaty offerings such as liver and bacon and steak and ale pudding. I’m almost tempted by that last one. But no, I stick to the same thing every time, ‘Our Famous House Special’. That translates as cod and chips with garden peas, mushy ones for the old man. If he’s feeling flush he’ll have a pot of curry sauce too. A nice bottle of local blush cider washes it down nicely but sometimes I’ll have a beer supplied from Bays Brewery, just down the road too.

What you get for your money, just a smidge over Wetherspoon’s prices is a hearty portion of the finest fish ‘n’ chips known to man. Don’t even think about a large portion unless you’re superhuman. And as an extra the restaurant has a spectacular view over the harbour.

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  1. Oh, yes! Good fish and chips are wonderful…not to be had here in France. There’s a great place in Southport, near my mum, but Mr FD isn’t a great fish & chip fan so we don’t often go there… sad face.

    • No the French don’t do fish and chips like the English do they? I seem to recall a few years back that ?trendy places were possibly having a go at it but it wasn’t the same. They should stick to the moules-frites!

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