First Crop

When I wrote my Janus post on 1 January I suggested that I had exciting things to reveal. So let’s start to let the cat out of the bag a paw at a time. We have an allotment and we alread have our first crop! I think that the way that we came about it is going to wake the green eyed goddess in some.

Hot Stuff is a keen gardener. Not only did a previous home have a massive vegetable patch but it boasted an orchard too. Normal for Somerset. He misses grubbing around in soil. On the other hand, I am not green fingered at all. When I bought the house, one of the things that helped me make up my mind was that it has a teeny back yard with not much maintenance. After all there is a park over the road that someone else tends. That serves nicely as my garden. On summer mornings I stroll across in my slippers and drink my cuppa looking out to sea.

Recently Hot Stuff joined the Brixham Council Facebook group to find out what’s going on in our community. Quite by chance he came across a post advising that there were two allotments available just five minutes walk from home. And there was me thinking that people waited years for somewhere to grow their veg. Hot Stuff pounced and within 24 hours had reserved his own piece of horticultural heaven for the princely sum of just over twenty pounds a year. Thank goodness it’s about a third of a standard plot which is about the size of a farm on the American prairies. I was right about this causing a bit of jealousy. ‘How did he manage that?’ said Salty Dog who lives in another town. ‘I’ve been on the waiting list for one for years!’

Anyway in spite of my initial reluctance about getting involved I’ve been roped in. Thankfully our teeny Garden of Eden in a wonderful state. I thought that, as part of the initiation ceremony for allotment life, you had to clear loads of brambles and dig in a ton of cow poo to make the ground viable for growing things. However our plot has beautiful dark soil that is well drained even after a fortnight of downpours. A bonus for me is that it’s on a old dump. There’s load of bits of broken crockery for mosaicking.

The other day we went over to plant raspberry canes and rhubarb crowns. While I was there I harvested our first crop. There is a whole row of Jerusalem artichokes planted by the last tenant. I’ve just looked up the price of these expensive little gas inducing delicacies on supermarket websites. It appears that we might have recouped our annual rental charge already!

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