Fifties Frogs

Aside from the dangly dolly that I’ve written about before. I haven’t retained a lot of stuff from childhood.  My liking for tat at that stage of my life may have something to do with it.  With a change in taste, that I like to think is for the better, not a lot seemed worth saving. Somehow even Nicholas, my beloved raggedy childhood bear, was lost en route. I thought that he was in my parents loft but my dad says that he’s not there anymore. Maybe Dad had a decluttering session of his own after his kids flew the nest. With a house full of teenager stuff I do not blame him if he did. These fifties frogs though have followed me around since I was little. I absolutely love them.

When I first got them they perched at either end of the pelmet above the purple curtains in my garish 1970s bedroom.  I’ve reunited them now. I’m sure that they’ve benefitted from each other’s company, Surprisingly, given my propensity for clumsiness,  they’ve remained a pair. It’s a minor miracle. They’re not even chipped at all.

I’ve no idea where these kitsch amphibians came from.  Originally, they belonged to Nana Lovelygrey whose picture stands behind them. She had a clear out and gifted them to me.  I imagine from their shape and style that are indeed fifties frogs but I’m really just guessing.   There’s a maker’s mark on the bottom of each but it’s not very clear.  If anyone, say a member of the Antiques Roadshow team, comes across this post and knows their origin I’d love to know more about them.  They hold great sentimental value and I wouldn’t never part with them. Unless of course I was offered enough to buy a replacement motorhome that would see us through our retirement years. In which case all  those feelings of mushiness might go out of the window. Maybe everything has a price.

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  1. They are remarkably appealing. I would certainly hang onto them. I have an enormous amount of tat / clutter / sentimentally valuable bits and bobs. I could well do with having a clear out. Maybe I should do a vide grenier sometime and see what appeals to the French taste.

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