This scene is the screen saver on my phone. It is a beach in Galicia that we visited in 2019 less than a stone’s throw from a tiny ramshackle campsite. Within a few hundred metres there is a little cove with a small family restaurant where we watched a pod of dolphins from the terrace. We had the menu del dia there a couple of times washed down with a bottle of excellent local wine that was included in the price. We paid very little for it even when we added in a particularly handsome tip.

I’ve missed my hops across the Channel in our motorhome during the era of the lurgy. The good news is that we’re going back. I’m mega excited about my wanderlust finally been sated and got a bit carried away. This weekend I booked not one but three trips return ferry trips in 2022, one to Spain and two to France. In spring we’ll be on my favourite Breton campsite. We’ll tour Galicia in early summer. Then in the early autumn we’re going to have a wander. Brittany Ferries have an offer on for flexible tickets at the moment. Changes to dates and itinerary are allowed right up to the very last moment. The offer seemed too good to miss out on.

I must have travelled the Channel ferry routes between Plymouth and Santander/Roscoff over a hundred times. That old adage, ‘It’s not the destination but the journey.’ somewhat rings true. I love the ferry ride especially the longer crossing to Spain. And it was always lovely to fall asleep in a cabin and wake up in the early hours in France. We won’t be travelling overnight on any of our France crossings but the tune below is always evocative of these crossings. It’s a beautiful piece of music by the Breton group Troellen. For a long time it was the alarm clock on the Amorique.

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