I’ve been physically poorly this week. I put it down to ‘Faux Covid’. I mainlined lateral flow tests but they all came back as negative. Thank goodness for scheduling posts ahead! Yesterday was the first day that I felt somewhere near normal. Dizziness, headaches and a weird tummy forced me back to bed several times. My appetite also diminished. On one day my Fitness Pal app refused to give me a projected weight for five weeks ahead. It said that my calorie intake was at a dangerously low level. I spoke to my phone sternly when this happened. ‘Oh for goodness sake! You know my weight. Don’t you think that I’ve got enough reserves to last a day without starving!’

This is the second time in a couple of months that Hot Stuff and I have both had symptoms that are possibly suggestive of coronavirus. But nope! All tests on each occasions came back negative. So what do you do these days when you have ‘Faux Covid’ and the national testing centres are no longer in place for routine testing? We have had the luxury of being able to rest up. I pity those where their work puts them in a tricky position if they need to go off sick.

But we now seem to be out the other side and have stopped sniping at each other. When both partners in a relationship are poorly it tests the nerves. Grumpy buggers are us. Despite negative testing we are both absolutely convinced that we’ve had proper Covid on at least one occasion in the last couple of months. Luckily we seem to have come to no harm. And we are hopeful that, if we have had the lurgy it has given a bit of a boost to our immune systems. This article in Nature magazine suggests that this could be the case.

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  1. Covid or not, people certainly need time to get better when I’ll. I thought one positive outcome was going to be the realization that individual health is public health. I’m glad you’re on the mend

    • Oh great thought about the link between individual and public health. I also agree about the need to give healing time. We’re not always good at doing that.

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