I’m not sure that I would like to have unlimited money to have anything I wanted. It would be very difficult to treat yourself if everything was on tap. When I buy something out of the ordinary it’s a special occasion. Something that doesn’t happened every day.

I spied the work of Marie from Little Bird of Paradise Editions on Twitter and decided to have one of those relatively rare retail splurges. Her free motion embroidery work is wonderfully quirky and something that I’m not likely to be able to replicate myself. The first stuff I saw was Halloween themed. I wrote to her. ‘Will you be making things for Christmas?’ I asked. ‘They’ll be fairies’ she replied.

So I waited. I was very tempted by a very wonderful mermaid but stopped myself from buying her. I wanted something for my Christmas tree that was a little more festively themed. But then the little people started to morph. I snapped up my own fairy and she arrived, beautifully packaged with her very delightful self portrait. I popped her down to photograph after I’d opened her and the pleasing back drop of my biscuit tin worked rather well. Hot Stuff said she’s scary but is he man or mouse? Don’t answer. I can already hear the squeak from here!

I am absolutely delighted with her and want to admire her all year round. So as well as going on the tree I think I’ve located a space on a mad wall. As well as showing her off I wanted to use her to bring attention to the fact that there’s loads of makers out there selling stuff that would make wonderful gifts or add something unique to your home. Don’t be frightened by any talk of shortages this Christmas. There’s plenty of things that have been lovingly handmade to choose from.

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  1. I had to follow your link and have just been down the rabbit hole (with some rather weird but wonderful fairies) of Insta – thanks – just lost 40 minutes and my brew has gone cold! 🤣 (so worth it)

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