Exeter Chiefs

Photo: Pixabay: jollymama

I had a Damascus moment in my late forties when I discovered rugby. It’s the tactical nature of  play that appeals coupled with the delight of seeing  a load of blokes throwing themselves around. It reminds me of the olden days when I used to watch Saturday afternoon wresting with my dad. Now Hot Stuff is a big fan so I watch a match quite regularly these days. Even though I’ve even had a trip to Twickenham  I still haven’t fathomed all the rules. One day I might get what’s going on when all those blokes hang onto each other and pretend to be a big spider.

Of course I support our local premiership team, the Exeter Chiefs. They have recently changed their branding because they were being accused of culturally appropriating Native American imagery in their depiction of a chief on their logo. I have to admit that the concept of cultural appropriation is a puzzling one to me. Where is the line between drawing inspiration from the work of others and being insensitive to their feelings. I’m more than a little stumped.

I have to say that I like the Exeter Chiefs new branding. Follow this link to have a look. It’s copyrighted and I didn’t like to use it without permission so you’ll have to make do with the wooden chap for today’s picture. Instead of wearing a feathered headdress the new ‘chief’ wears a helmet. Very manly he looks too. He’s a member of the Dumnonii tribe who wandered the Westcountry between the Iron Age and Saxon times. They fished, farmed and mined the land. Before it was taken over by the Romans, Exeter was the tribe’s main settlement. So I’m loving that sense of place that the Chiefs new look embraces.

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