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Journalling is a hot topic in mental health these days. A quick swizz round Google shows that it can be used in a myriad of ways. There’s evidence that it’s good for connecting to your inner person and as a source for expression. Some have found it useful to counteract overthinking, for identifying goals and as a source of reminiscence.

I thought I’d share Stephanie Evan’s small business Evans Sent even though I’m not going to be buying one of her ‘thread journalling’ kits from Etsy myself at the moment. Hell! one more thing to do and I think my head would explode. There’s Hot Stuff’s house move on the go, master’s level study, full-time work, other craft projects to finish, a house awaiting a makeover….. You have to know when to limit the self help practices before they become stressful in their own right. I wonder if my blogging counts as journalling instead so that I can unleash all those good vibes. So might my daily gratitude list in the Moomin notebook.

But if I had a moment(!) I’d be tempted to try something that produces such a pleasing end product, full of memories. Stephanie, an embroidery artist, sells kits that have everything that’s needed to produce a stitched autobiography. She says that the practice has made her more mindful and fosters gratefulness. There! Another two advantages. If I was on board my last week might have included the intensely orange leaf spotted on the pavement, a stick person version of my friend Salty Dog, a pie (chicken and vegetable made from leftovers!), June 1 (a special date: watch this space) and my new winter bobble hat.

Now if I was signed up for this I’d like to make a daily personal commitment. However Stephanie wisely says that you don’t have to. When I wrote to her asking permission to use the photo from her Etsy shop she emphasised that when, doing thread journalling you can make up your own rules. I rather like that spirit of non directiveness even though I’m a bit OCD myself

Pop on over to the Evans Sent website for a free introductory introductory class to thread journalling. The other link above to her Etsy site not only has the kits but also includes a rather marvellous collection of body positive boob and willy merchandise!

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