Eustachian Tube Update

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Here’s an update after I was diagnosed with eustachian tube disorder at my GP surgery the other day. I intensively took a mixture of decongestant medication, pills containing ibuprofen. I alternated these with ones with paracetamol. The nurse thought that taking both types at once might be overkill so I made up my own regime. I’ve also used my Beconase nasal spray that helps my hay fever religiously. Steroids are anti-inflammatory and I reckoned it would have some effect on the tubes from my ears. After all everything is joined up top by various channels.

The other thing that I did was ‘boiled my head’. This was the term that Hot Stuff used to describe the process of steam inhalation under a towel. I added so much Olbas oil to the water in the bowl that it made my eyes smart. My mum would be pleased though. She sees that heady little vial of liquid at a cure for all ills.

Periods of deafness have been quite common for me in the past, a consequence of narrow Eustachian tubes perhaps? Its weirdness manifestation was caused by water retention in pregnancy. I’ve been completely without hearing at times.  The evening when I worked in the university bar when my world was completely silent was a bit of a laugh.  I experimented with lip reading but loads of people ended up with the wrong drinks!

Has my self treatment worked? Yes! A few days ago my ears popped, the sign that my eustachian tubes were clearing. For the first time in months, I am decongested. The range of what I can hear has expanded considerably. The world is no longer muffled. The TV volume is way too loud. And I’m no longer talking at the amplitude of a loud foghorn.

What’s more my balance has improved. The other day I had to negotiate rocks at low tide when I went for a swim. Before I teetered in an ungainly and alarming fashion. Now I am gazelle like. Well, okay I exaggerate but I don’t have to move on an uneven surface with my arms outstretched anymore.

So the next time my hearing gets bunged up I have a multipronged strategy to use to try and solve the problem. Maybe I won’t have to miss out on that auditory soundscape for weeks and weeks ever again. Needless to say I’m absolutely delighted.

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