Ellie’s Treasures

Photo: Ellies Treasures

My son Louis tried to warn me off Twitter when I re-engaged with it last year. ‘It’s full of toxic people’ he told me. I’m glad to say that this has not been my experience at all. I love how I’ve been introduced to new ideas, wonderful art and some perfectly friendly fellow creators. There are no baddies at all in my feed. Elaine from Ellie’s Treasures is one of these.

Photo: Ellies Treasures

‘Wow!’ I thought when I first saw Elaine’s beautifully intricate mixed media stitched creations that come in the photos accompanying her tweets. So much detail in such a teeny space! Elaine makes keyrings, bag charms, brooches and pictures which are backed onto felt. They’re inspired by all things colourful and her local surroundings and are the sort of things I’d love to create if I used my sewing machine for more than mending stuff and making up cushions. It’s come to mind that they are like little mosaics and maybe that’s why I’ve been drawn to them. I’ll give out extra brownie points because some of the pieces feature hares, mermaids and angels.

Photo: Ellies Treasures

Follow this link to Ellie’s Treasures shop on the website. It’s stocked with wonderful reasonably priced little trinkets and specially commissioned requests are welcomed too. Ellie’s Treasures is firmly on my radar for a time when I might need a special unique gift for someone.

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