So last night we went to see Elbow, the guys who are responsible for my phone’s ringtone. It’s our first concert since all those pesky lockdown rules were lifted. Was it a good night? Hell yes! Am I even more in love with the lead singer Guy Garvey? Absolutely but don’t let Hot Stuff know that he’s got competition! Friends don’t all understand the crush but I prefer a musically adept poet to a poser. However a man who can mend boilers does have their plus points. I may stick with what I’ve got.

Anyway here’s my obligatory fuzzy concert photo taken way back in the crowd on my phone. It’s got to be done. There’s a lead singer in there somewhere.

The video is the official one for the song that tells me that someone’s calling. I also ask for it in my car pretty regularly. ‘Okay Google, play ‘One Day Like This’ by Elbow. She obliges if she’s not throwing a paddy as she sometimes does. It never fails to uplift. It seems that others agree as it was used in the closing ceremony of the 2012 Olympics, Friends played it at their wedding. And last night it was the final tune played, on an evening that Mr Garvey acknowledged was the Elbow’s first gig for eighteen months. Everyone was in raptures. Gorgeously joyous music for a joyful day.

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  1. I was a reader of your other blog…and in revisiting vintage posts on my old blog, I discovered, to my great pleasure that you are blogging again. Huzzah! I had to comment on this post, rather than your most recent (I’ve been reading through your blog) because here too stands another Elbow fan. We saw them last in the echo Areana in Liverpool, but my favourite gig was in the Bataclan in Paris.

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