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‘Into the Wild’ is a 2007 movie, directed by Sean Penn. It tells the true story of ‘Alexander Supertramp’ who destroys his past identity and goes off to live in a bus in the Alaskan Wilderness. Frankly he makes a bit of a hash of it. Funnily enough providing food for yourself isn’t that easy in the wilds. Duh!

Alexander (previously Christopher McCandless) changes his mind about a solitary life. He concludes that true happiness comes from being with others. However when he tries to return to society he fails to do so because his passage is blocked by a swollen river. He has no alternative but to go back to the bus where he slowly dies after eating a poisonous plant.

The film comes recommended although perhaps not on a day where you’re feeling less than perky. What really struck me though was the incredible soundtrack. ‘It’s Eddie Vedder.’ said Hot Stuff, my resident musical know all. ‘He was in Pearl Jam.’ Now I know the name but wouldn’t be able to name even one of their songs. Aren’t they a bit heavy metal? That’s a genre that has pretty much passed me by since my teenage years. As an aside I’ve just discovered two different explanation for the band’s name. One surmises that it is a synonym for semen and the other says that it was inspired by the name of Eddie Vedder’s granny. There’s a bit of a difference!

Anyway since seeing the film I’ve been a fan of Eddie Vedder. His music now forms part of the soundtrack of my life. There’s meaningful lyrics, acoustic guitar and that deep beautiful voice. What’s not to like? And just in case you haven’t heard of him either here’s a video from the ‘Into the Wild’ soundtrack. Now, I might just have to go and listen to Pearl Jam on Spotify just to see what I’ve been missing.

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  1. Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam was part of my from college to real adult transition music, like Nirvana. I put their albums in while prepping for my preschool class, and later, trying to get babies to go to sleep. Grunge, or garage band, rather than heavy metal. A bit of alternative/indie rock before they got famous.

  2. Sam’s right – PJ is definitely not metal; give ‘Ten’ a go!

    Into the Wild is a surprisingly good movie (it’s a lot to tackle), but I can’t recommend the book of the same name by John Krakauer (sp?) highly enough – I’d lend you my copy immediately if I could!
    The [unabridged] version on Audible is also beautifully read – do you use Audible?
    I feel a little bit of discomfort but deep understanding in equal measure at the heroic folk figure that Chris McCandless became for a lot of disenfranchised young people, making ‘his’ bus a dangerous and ghoulish site of pilgrammge. The Alaskan authorities removed the bus a while back because of the frequent rescues needed for those visiting.

    Sorry, that was a bit of a ramble!

    I often give this book or Homesick by Catrina Davies as a gift to people who I think need it or would enjoy it 🙂

    • Wow! What a thoughtful reply. Thank you. I’ll certainly go and seek out the book and put it on my reading list as well as Homesick and Ten the album. What a lot of recommendations.

      Last night we watched a programme (I think streamed from Channel 5) where Ben Fogle spent time living with a young guy who had set up an off grid home in the Apppalachians. It brought your comment about disenfranchisement to mind.

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