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I have been watching YouTube videos about what other people are selling online. It’s all part of my reselling apprenticeship. There’s a lot to learn. One thing though seems a predominant theme. Storing stock often takes up a lot of space. Some people have dedicated areas, like a mini warehouse. Others look as if their entire houses are over run. Given that we’re short of storage space already I’m very anxious to avoid this. So I’ve been thinking about eBay selling storage and how to keep the space needed to a minimum as my stock increases.

As an aside here’s a beautiful little treasure that I found this week . It’s a jar to keep paint brushes in but would do as an artist’s water container too. It’s such a tactile thing. The glaze is super smooth and it’s a lovely weight. In the old days I’d be minded to keep it just in case I did any painting in the future. But I’m being stern and it’s going in my shop next week. I’ll just have to enjoy it for the time it’s with me.

This tiny jar illustrates my first point. I’m trying to keep my purchases small in size so they don’t take up much room and purposefully steering away from bigger items. I use one of the storage bins in my IKEA Kallax to store things before I’ve list them. I’ve allocated another IKEA storage box, the Hol, to store things after I’ve listed them. It’s about half full at the moment.

The second thing that I’m doing is habitually putting things on Ebay within a few days of buying them. Rooting around the charity shops is the fun part. Listing and packing is not so exciting. It would be easy to put it off. But by keeping on top of this there’s less chance that stuff will hang around for longer than necessary taking up valuable house room. The exceptions are seasonal items but I’m being mindful of what I buy ahead. I’ll only store items longer term that are likely to make a bigger profit than usual.

Finally I’m trying to be very selective about what I buy. A limit on the number of things that I bring home each week helps to focus my attention. I’m also choosing to leave behind things that I’m not likely to make much money on. However, during the learning process I recognise that I’m likely to make some ill called judgements about what might be profitable. I’ve already sussed that limited edition crockery, that probably cost a bit to buy new, is often indeed a crock in terms of making a buck once selling fees and postage are accounted for! So if things stick around too long I’m planning to cut my losses and get rid of them at bargain basement prices or even give them away. That way my limited eBay selling storage space can be used for the most profitable items.

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