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In order to make a quick buck in my retirement years I’ve decided to set up an eBay selling side hustle. I’ll delve into the intricacies of this as I go along. But today I thought that I’d chat about my reasons for doing this. I love digging around charity shops but I’m at the stage that I don’t want any more stuff in my own house. So I thought that if I sold on what I found I’d have all the pleasure of the hunt without the clutter. My other ideas for making money will take a little time to set up. This one will make a return quite quickly. I’ve set a target for the monthly profit that I’d like to achieve. I hope to get by the autumn.

So over the last few months I’ve taken some tentative steps in restoring activity in my eBay selling account. I started by listing some of my own things that I no longer wanted. And then I wandered around the town’s charity shops looking for bit and pieces that I might be able to sell for a small profit. To be honest I haven’t got much of a clue. It’s going to be a case of trial and error, learning as I go along. But I like to think that I’ve got a good eye for spotting the unusual and quirky. I’m focusing on useful and decorative paraphernalia for the home. I’m also selling pieces of jewellery. I like those. They’re really easy to post. Occasionally clothing and other odds and sods sneak in.

I love doing a little bit of research to find out a bit more about what I’m selling. The detective work is also part of the allure. For example the unusual brooch that I’ll be selling from my own collection is probably French. It features a fire breathing salamander that was the emblem of King Francis I. The original depiction is on a stone carving in the palace at Fontainebleau.

If anyone else fancies a go at selling for themselves I’ve included a link to the very helpful YouTube videos produced by a lovely guy called Chaddy Pete. He specialises in selling menswear, sometimes for eye watering prices. It’s down to this chap that I have the belief that an eBay selling side hustle can reap decent rewards.

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