It’s an ear themed week on two counts. First up, I mentioned yesterday that Hot Stuff has Covid 19 and that, with hindsight, it looks like he’d caught it from me. I was quite poorly last week and even spent a whole day in bed feeling pretty sorry for myself. Even though repeated lateral flow tests were negative I’m now adding two and two together. It seems likely that I was indeed struck down by the dreaded lurgy.

Regular readers might remember that I’ve mentioned before that I’m deaf as a post at the moment. Well, the Covid bout seems to have compounded the problem. Persistent pressure in my ears and constant ringing reminded me that this needed checking out. So I went to my GP surgery on Wednesday. Not one but two nurses had a good peer through their special lug hole device. The good news is that no wax could be found. All that illicit digging around with Q-tips may not have been in vain. But the lovely ladies have diagnosed something called ‘Eustachian Tube Dysfunction’ and gave me this patient leaflet. They said that it could have gone on for some time.

It all made interesting reading and nicely explains the symptoms of hearing loss and dizziness that I’ve been having for the best part of this year. This has got way worse since last week, probably because of a build up of muck in my sinuses. So the first line of attack is trying decongestants to see if the problem goes away in a few weeks. No luck yet but fingers crossed. If not there’s a plan B.

Secondly, the design for my Tinner’s rabbits mosaic is now at pencil and paper stage. Now those three creatures that share ears are tricky beasties. Drafting them takes a bit of planning. I even got out my geometry kit. However I remembered that I’ve used the motif before. So I might be able to take a shortcut. . If I cut the bunnies out from this photo of a past linocut and scale it correctly I can use that in my design. And a past project that, by the way, wasn’t entirely successful has given me a firm idea for the background too. Sorted! I might even getting to the fun part of sticking down a few tiles next week.

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