How’s this for a sweet little story? I absolutely love a charity shop bargain and like a root around whenever I’m out and about. About five years ago I was in the hospice shop in Dartmouth with my friend, Red Mel. We were taking a pause from listening to music at the Dart Festival. This dress caught my eye ‘ Don’t buy it ‘ said my chum. ‘I’ve got it in my wardrobe at home. I bought it for a wedding and have never worn it since. You can have it.’

To be honest, after she’d gifted it I wasn’t that sure that I was so keen. But I gave it a go and over several wears it grew on me. It was comfy, flattering and quite a good crossover between more casual and dressier wear. I ended up wearing and wearing until it got so holey it was a bit indecent. Sadly it was finally thrown in the rag pile, not even good enough for the charity shop. I missed it though and decided to hunt for dress Mk 2.

I decided to set up a search on Ebay. Surely in the 50,000K plus items that they have for sale in my size dress Mk 2 would come up at some time. It was just a matter of patience. I searched ‘Wallis Black Paisley’ and waited until this never worn example came along. Then it was just the matter of a generous bid. I probably paid over the odds but no matter. Per wear its cost will work out at pence.

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  1. My daughter runs a charity shop, and is always dressed beautifully in designer clothes. She seeks them out for the shop in Manchester and does a good trade in them. It is surprising what people throw out (and what people buy of course). Still find it difficult to get around the idea of cross-dressing though – generational gap I suppose.

    • I’d urge you to give it a go. It’s really fun and I’ve got hooked on the savings. I needed a new black cardie and got a new looking M&S one for a fiver the other day. It makes George at Asda look expensive now!

  2. I’m laughing at Thelma s comment- so please confirm using “cross dressing” was an intentional rewording of “cross over”, for humor. I guess most of my dresses serve multiple purposes, but yours looks chic. I once had a dress my girls made me finally toss but I swear, I wore it 400 + times.

    • Yes crossover would have been a better word;). But my daughter had just been talking about one of her student volunteers. He was wearing a skirt and she said he looked good. She is in the business of educating me as to the young and how they think. But lovely Grey’s dress is pretty and as I watch the parade of clothes that go into charity shops, the word is ‘vintage’ of course.

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