Pegged Out with Dolly Pegs

We’re recently back from holiday. As such the washing pile is enormous. It’s reminded me that it would be really good to dig out the sewing machine and make myself a peg bag.   I saw a really cute one recycled from a tiny kid’s T-shirt but its never materialised.   If I were being  self critical I’d say that I haven’t got around to it because procrastination is moi!   A different perspective is that I’ve rather a lot on my plate. Realistically I haven’t had a moment to run one up. Let’s go with  the self compassion shall we?

Because my pegs haven’t got somewhere to store them nicely they often stay on the washing line.  I suppose it’s  a mixture of ultra-violet light from the sun and constantly being rained on that causes the plastic ones to perish.  There was I hanging out a pair of knickers and snap!  Another one bit the dust.

So I decided to treat myself to some replacements.  Thinking of laundry accessories as an indulgence may say something about the kind of person that I am. Don’t other women buy themselves make up  and a bunch of flowers to perk themselves up?  I popped into The Range with my sights set on a new toilet brush too.  Never let it be said that I don’t know how to spoil myself.

And there I saw them: Dolly pegs!  Just like the ones that my mum used to have. I used to nick them to turn into little people when my Girl Guide group had crafting competitions.  I remember being particular proud of a little wooden geisha girl with a white face and red kimono.   As I thought of her I was overcome with nostalgia. I really got carried away and bought two packets.

Will I look after my dolly pegs better?  I very much doubt it.  They’ll probably still remain outside in all weathers.  But when they start to go mouldy and turn to mush, at least they can have a second life, on the compost heap!

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