Dog Sitting

I’m dog sitting at the moment for this lovely boy. This is an old photo that I have of him. He’s a bit greyer around the chops these days. I had hoped to be able to snap something rather more photogenic but it’s not to be. He’s very camera shy and barks every time I try to focus my phone on him.

Because Baxter is old, about fourteen, I’ve decided to stay at his home rather than bring him to ours. Being without your usual human companions must be hard enough without being away from familiar surroundings. So I’ve moved around the corner for the week. It’s only a five minute walk away from our house, not too onerous at all. I popped home yesterday to do some grouting (more about that in a later post!) but didn’t want to leave the dog alone for too long on the first day I was caring for him. I wanted him to feel reassured that I’d return.

So we’re settling into a little regime for the week. I feed, water and walk Baxter a couple of times a day. He doesn’t go far these days, just to the park where I litter picked. By the end of the week I’ll be a dab hand with poo bags and that extendable lead. I’ll go home for a few hours but at night Hot Stuff comes over to eat and watch TV. I think Baxter likes him more than me. He follows him around like a shadow. Now ain’t that typical.

Nights are the interesting part. It’s like the breastfeeding stage all over again. I got woken by the dog three times last night. Once was when he wanted to be let out for a wee. On the other two occasions he just came into my room to stay hello!

It’ll be a fun week spending time dog sitting my canine buddy. But I think it will reinforce my view that I don’t want a pet. Even though Baxter is as good as gold it’s a heck of a commitment keeping him feeling secure and happy.

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  1. I love the idea of having a dog but reality is I don’t want the responsibility at all. I know myself well and have accepted that I am too old now to want to look after something else. I have a live in partner. he’s enough! ha ha!!

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