Does This Spark Joy?

In her book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Marie Kondo urges the reader to look at each possession with a question in mind. ‘Does This Spark Joy?’ If an object doesn’t pass muster then the advice is to oik it out. I’m not sure that this paints the whole picture. Other factors are at play. For instance, I certainly wouldn’t want to be without loo roll, my tweezers or my car keys even though they don’t bring a perky smile to my face. The principle is certainly part of the picture.

Of course, what brings joy will be very individualistic. Even people in the same house will have their differences. In an ideal world I might not have a set of antlers in my living room. Hot Stuff isn’t totally sold on my Mad Walls. He was certainly less than enthusiastic when I knocked loads of nails into freshly decorated plaster to hang all my precious finds. But we have to live and let live don’t we?

I’m still building up stock in my eBay ‘shop’ in time for a busier selling period before Christmas. Sales have been relatively slow over the summer holiday. But other sellers say the same and I reckon it’s not really a time of year that people are thinking of things to embellish their home. I’ve expanded my buying activities to finding things on eBay to ‘flip’ and sell at a profit. But I still scour the charity shop for interesting finds.

Here’s a little fellow I found last week in town. I’d only popped into for a pair of gardening gloves but the potential for bagging a bargain called. Now I’m going to be totally honest and say that this little Toby jug is not to my taste at all. ‘No!’ would be my answer to the ‘Does This Spark Joy?’ question. But I see his potential for bringing happiness to someone with different taste. And of course he might bring a warm fuzzy feeling when he turns a profit!

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