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A couple of months ago I decided to get to grips with digital art .  In fact I wrote a post sharing my intention.  Well my regular readers must have thought that I’d ditched the idea  as I’ve been so quiet about it since then.  Not so.   It’s just that it’s taken so long to teach myself even the basics of this new skill  But here’s my first effort, a take on one of the pencil and paper drawings that  I shared earlier, a set of images  inspired by Brixham,  my seaside home town.

If there had been  a local class to  teach me the basics of digital art in a face to face setting I might have been tempted to stump up a few pennies to learn.   Instead YouTube has had to be my friend.  Lovely online teachers have been my tutors.  I have to say that it’s been a trial and error process.  The inability to ask questions going along has been frustrating. 

I started by trying to master  Krita, a free app that comes highly recommended by digital artists.  However after hours of trying to get to grips with it I’ve ditched it for the time being.   It’s way more sophisticated than I need and therefore harder to learn.  I only want to be able to draw simple images akin to the folk art that’s inspired me in the past.  So I went back to the drawing board, a digital one of course.  I’ve downloaded Inkscape instead and thankfully  it prevented me  throwing my laptop out of the window in exasperation.  Finally I’m  progressing so I’ll stick with it for the time being.

And here’s my second attempt, my take on one of the fishing boats that fill the harbour.  I completed it  in double quick time compared to the fishy picture. I’ve set up a frame that I use each time and then roughly trace my original drawings with the app.

Now my images using digital art aren’t perfect.  I can see their flaws.  For example I’m not particularly happy about the intersections where lines meet or the fact that my curves aren’t curvy enough.   But the interesting thing is that those imperfections prompt me to ask questions of the medium I’m working with. I’ve become my own critic.   How can I improve? Is there another video that shows me what I need to know or can I work it out myself.    At times solving the issues can be frustrating but overall I’m enjoying the process enough to persevere.

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