Digging Is Done

So after two and a half weeks the digging is done. We’ve turned over all the soil on our allotment about an hour at a time. So here is our plot. It’s eighty metres square, a third of the size of a full sized one. The fancy shed next door is owned by our next door neighbour. We were contemplating having one of our but have decided against it. We’re only a five minute walk away and it wastes valuable growing space!

The soil is brilliant. We had a lot of rain at the weekend so were expected a quagmire when we trooped down with the spade and fork on Monday morning. But there was no re-enactment of a wet Glastonbury Festival. The drainage is excellent. As part of our chores we started to sprinkle fish, blood and bone mix to nourish what we’ve already planted. ‘Thanks Mum and Dad. That was yummy!’ said our rhubarb.

Now the digging is done the next job is building a compost heap for all the vegetation that we’ve removed. I think pallets might be involved. We’re going for the ramshackle look. And then there will no doubt be more weeding. More rain is forecast and I can see the little blighters coming back with a vengeance. I’ve been warned by my resident gardening expert that the few couple of years will be the hardest in terms of unwanted vegetation. We’re also starting some planting in seed trays at home. There’s a bit of work to do but nothing’s been too onerous too far. Two to three hours of week is very do-able!

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