Declutter Challenge

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Eek! I’ve said before that my boys have been moving stuff into the house. There’s more to come. Louis has yet another list of what we need to collect from his dad’s home. It includes coats and his sponge bag, forgotten last time as gaming accoutrements were favoured over essentials. And finger’s crossed, Hot Stuff’s house sale is going through once all that unfathomable legal stuff is done. He says that there isn’t much more to move but I’m expecting a deluge.

Hot Stuff’s possessions have been gradually migrating from Somerset. I’ve welcomed some, for example the washing machine that arrived when my aged one konked out. I’m quite partial to his stand mixer and garden shredder as well. However, I’m scratching my head over other things. He’s much more of a hoarder than me, a veritable curator of weird objects. There is copper piping that lives on the staircase and an unused TV aerial post behind my coat cupboard . These ‘might come in handy’. Yesterday he bought a big ugly torch from the middle aisle of Lidl, ‘just in case there is a power cut.’ Call me a romantic fool but I thought that was what candles are for.

For the sake of harmony and to preserve my sanity I’ve decided to make more room by shedding my own goods and chattels. So I’m going to do one of a declutter challenge this month where I discard things on an escalating basis. One extra item as the days will go by until I get to 31 things on Hallowe’en. However we’re away in Klaus the Knaus for a week, leaving the teenager home alone. Seeing as I won’t be able to declutter much on those days, I’ve decided to adapt the task. With the help of a handy bit of maths, I’ve worked out I’ve got to get rid of 496 objects. Yikes that’s seems a lot but here goes! I’ll itemise them at the end of the month and tell you where they’ve gone in a later post.

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