Cutting the Cost of Book Buying

Here’s a shot from Livraria Lello in Oporto that I visited back in June. Surely another trip away is on the cards! Books have always been a weakness for me but I hardly ever pay full price. Here’s ten ways that I feed my addiction on a budget

  • Of course there’s the good old library. In the old days I used to be an avid borrower. I particularly liked picking up books that I wouldn’t necessarily look at if I had to pay for them. The problem was getting them back in a timely manner. With working it was a logistical nightmare. However now I’m retired and pop into town a few times a week I may well become a visitor to the one that’s just down the hill.
  • I swap books with friends. Once I’ve finished a book I nearly always think about who I might pass it onto. For instance, The Lido that I read on holiday is in my bookcase all ready to be passed onto mum.
  • Of course there’s the charity shops.. Every so often something to read myself takes my fancy while I’m looking for eBay reselling treasures.
  • Sometimes there are stalls in less likely places. The hospital where I used to work had one in its waiting room. I donated a pretty penny there and picked up some gems. National trust properties around here also have second hand book areas that house absolute bargains.
  • School fetes, Christmas fayres and jumble sales have all yielded treasures in the past.
  • Of course a good old fashioned secondhand bookshop is well worth a rummage.
  • And then there are the remainder stores that sell books at a discount. The Works is the national one that springs to mind. To be honest they’ve not been really massive book hunting grounds for me.
  • Buying books on eBay can often be cheaper than some of the other online retailers. If I’ve got something specific in mind I always compare prices there first.
  • If I buy from Amazon I’ll rarely buy new. I always look on Amazon Marketplace to see if the book that I want can be had secondhand but…
  • There are rare occasions where I want a book that’s newly published. Even though I prefer old fashioned paper I’ll buy the Kindle edition if it’s much cheaper.
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  1. May I just put in a quick recommendation for World of Books, or WOB as they are now called, not as cheap as charity shops etc but great if you want a specific book?
    Love your blog, don’t usually comment but thank you for all the wonderful musings.

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