Crap Crafting

Image by kalhh from Pixabay

Today’s photo has just been used to draw you in because my own photos are a bit less alluring. ‘Post a colourful image!’ a friend who is a social media marketing expert. I hoped that you’re now all attracted in and sitting comfortably. This lovely footwear has nothing to do with today’s topic. The web is replete with the wonderful results from people’s crafting endeavours. Today I’m going to share an effort of mine that went tits up. A fine example of crap crafting or, what can do wrong will go wrong.

These are my own shoes, far less glamourous than my bait, but they’re the nearest thing to high heels that I’ve worn for many a year. They’re made by Crocs and were bought for a wedding. I have to say that the groom was suitably unimpressed when I told him what I was planning to wear beforehand. He was rather relieved when he eventually saw them and realised that they weren’t the usual holey clod hopping clogs.

I love these shoes. However their patterned fabric and colouring means that they’re not very versatile. In the five years that I’ve owned them I’ve only worn them twice even though they’re really comfortable. I was going to a christening and needed footwear to match the dress. It had to be a little more elegant than my usual plasticky Birkenstocks. With eyes firmly fixed on my purse and reciting the recycling mantra ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ I decided to give them a makeover.

So after a trawl through ‘How to’ instructions on the Internet I bought some acrylic paint and a fat quarter of plain material. I sanded the bases, primed it with PVA glue and painted them as per the instructions. Then I covered the toepiece with the fabric. They look all right don’t they if don’t zoom in and look too closely? I reckoned that they didn’t have to be completely perfect because people would be looking and the beautiful baby and not my feet. However halfway through the service my feet began to sweat and lifted bits of my paintwork off. I also got a sore patch on my toe because I hadn’t managed to stick the fabric down dead flat. My ‘new’ shoes were a one hit wonder. It’ll be back to square one if I want to wear them again for the next posh do.

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