Craftwork In Progress

Here’s my current craftwork in progress that I’ve had on the go since May! I’m making seat covers for my vintage dining set, something that those contestants on the Great British Sewing Bee could rustle up in ninety minutes no doubt. The reason that it’s taking so long is that machine stitching isn’t really my bag. Although I’m perfectly able to do it, it falls into the category of chore rather than leisure activity. I’m hoping that working thinking about the end product will spur me on. I’ve had this vintage curtain material in my stash for ages. The new covers will be so much nicer than the stretchy moss green numbers that they’re replacing.

I’m itching to do some mosaic at the moment but it is not to be until the upcycling is finished. In the meantime future projects will just have to have a home in my head. Another rainbow, a house number for a friend, and a table for the garden are in there. First off however will be a tiny mosaic based around a cross are in there. Here is it, a replica of the one that the current Pope Francis wears. My friend, the second Martha Stewart has requested it with a deadline of Christmas as she returns to the UK then. It’ll be rather different to my usual larger scale works. The remit is for something that is only a couple of inches square. While I’m getting on with that sewing I’m racking my brains. I think tiny glass beads might be part of my creation.

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  1. I hate sewing machines, yes it is much quicker but like you, it feels like work. I prefer to hand stitch, much more relaxing and at times meditative. Admittedly, I don’t make clothes, only alterations or adjustments. I just love your curtain material!

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