Crab Apples

Now being a person that likes activities that involve grubbing around I love foraging. While litter picking in the park the other day I spotted that a familiar crab apple tree was bursting with fruit. I made up my mind to return. And so I did. Mindful of leaving some for the birdies I didn’t strip the branches bare. I returned home with a couple of pounds of fruit.

This tree has been a previous foraging spot. When I first moved to Brixham I came across this recipe for crab apple whiskey. The idea that you could produce something that tasted like armagnac sold it to me so I dutifully made some for three years running. I’ve been a good girl and kept it steeping for a number of years. I still haven’t touched it. Perhaps it’s a drink to be savoured in the autumn and winter months next to a log fire.

As I was picking the crab apples this year people were asking me about my plans. One old guy was particularly taken by the whiskey idea. He asked me to leave him a bottle on the park bench! But three unopened jars or liqueur are probably enough to be going on with. So I’ll be making a chutney this weekend when I return to my own kitchen. This recipe from Bangers and Balls sounds absolutely delicious.

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