Counting Calories

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Back in the early days of blogging I celebrated losing half a stone. Well I popped all that back on again and some! There’s no real excuse apart from being preoccupied by Hot Stuff’s health. All good intentions went out of the window.

I’ve found, from past experience, that there’s no rocket science when it comes to losing weight. I’ll admit to a few odd experiments including one which advocated a very strict diet. It a weird mixture of food for three days that, I recall, included TUC crackers and peanut butter. You can guess how that went. No, what works for me is, counting calories, being careful about what I put in my gob and increasing the amount that I move around.

I don’t cut out any particular food group but aim for a balanced diet. It’s also crucial that I record every crumb that passes my lips and each bit of serious exercise that I do. So I use the diary function in the My Fitness Pal app. You can subscribe for extra features but I find the free version perfectly adequately. I set my target for daily calories as if I’m sedentary even though I exercise most days. That’s so all the calories burned through exercise can be counted. Does that make sense? There’s a database of thousands of food items. I tend to go for the highest calorie count so that I have less chance of underestimating what I’ve eaten. I’ve set a modest target of a pound per week weight loss. In reality I’m doing better than that.

In seven weeks I’ve lost eight pounds even though there have been a couple of days where I’ve exceeded my allowance. Of course there’s a risk that I could put all that back again. But I’m learning from past mistakes. I’m going to make counting calories a long term habit. It’s when I’ve stopped in the past that the pounds pile back on. Okay I’ll ‘fess up and say that there are days that I ‘forgot’ to make a record. Perhaps these coincide with really naughty days but these are few and far between.

And I don’t really have a target in mind. I’m not going to get too hung up on an actual weight or dress size. I’m just going to see whether a more sensible approach to eating and exercise takes me.

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  1. It’s absolutely true there’s no magic formula, but dang the limiting calories and moving more to burn calories is hard. I’ve lost just six of the 11 I put on since Covid and needed to lose much before. I resemble that statue. Not exaggerating. Good luck to you and I hope your diligence rubs off on me.

    • I resemble the statue too! Six pounds is progress. Keep at it! I’m looking at improving my sleep too to help my weight management. More of that in a later post.

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