Apparently jumpsuits have come back into fashion but I’ll pass on that. I owned at least two in my teenage years that I can remember. One was khaki and from one of those army surplus stores. They had obvious disadvantages on the toileting front. Having to strip down to underwear, especially in a freezing cold pub loo was misery. Of course using a bit of sewing versatility I could have engineered in one of those poppered bum flaps. It might have done the trick but I do have a little bit of personal dignity.

For the same reason onesies were out of the question but I did covet the fluffy ones. They looked so comfortable and cosy. But twice in as many weeks I came across friends wearing a massive blankets with hoods and sleeves. No legs to contend with so a loo visit is a breeze. One mate called it an ‘Oodie’ and the other a ‘Slanky’, both trade names I think. I don’t buy many clothes these day but I decided that I needed one. So I went onto Amazon and found an extra long ankle length version of my own. Follow the link here if you’re interested.

To assuage my clothes buying guilt I treated the boys too. They each have one in different colours. While they like theirs they’re not obsessive users like I’ve become. Now I wear my cosy supersoft blankie for most of the time I’m home. Not glamorous I know but I don’t effing care!

It’s going to be a hard wrench when washday comes around to take it off for the time it takes for the laundry cycle and to pop it in the tumble drier. I feel enshrouded in cosiness, a bit too hot sometimes I’ll admit. On the plus side I think we’re saving on heating bills by wearing a layer of thick insulating fleece. That’s yet another excuse for my impulse purchase!

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  1. I used to love my jade green jumpsuit back in the 80s, but I didn’t enjoy the palaver at toilet time! I have seen your new style of snuggly on the internet and have often thought about getting one, they look so cosy. As folk who work from home, my husband often ends up sitting inside a sleeping bag when at the desk – anything to save putting the heating on during the day!

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