Cormorant Mosaic

Back along I started to research cormorants with the view of creating a house warming present for my friend Salty Dog They were the favourite bird of her nana and such a feature in my own home town that I was really excited about incorporating them into one of my mosaics. Today I finished the house number that includes these birds. Aren’t they so reminiscent of prehistoric creatures?

I’m very pretty pleased with my efforts and the evolution of my own naïve style. However I have to give credit to the painter and printmaker Carry Akroyd. Follow the link and have a look at her beautiful work. In researching my piece I came across this beautiful screen print that Carry has given me permission to reproduce here. Isn’t it gorgeous? It’s available as a card on her website. Can you see that I took inspiration from the shape of a couple of the birds, their perch on the groynes and the colour of the sea that I’ve used in my own sky? I think that I’ve created a homage rather than a direct copy.

Photo: Carry Ackroyd

From a practical point of view I’m careful that the number or name on my house signs really stands out. I’m trying to help out those poor delivery drivers and tradesmen who have to find the property. I’ve been in the position where I’m circling an area in my car trying to find someone’s home and then spot a weatherworn nameplate on an open gate pushed into a hedge. It can waste many hours.

The sharp eyed among you might spot a couple of missing pieces but that’s intentional. It’s the place where the screws will go when mounted outside Salty Dog’s house. I’ve safely kept little squares aside to glue over the screws once it’s been put in place. Of course a professional would wait until their work was mounted, completed and properly cleaned before revealing their work. But I’m always too excited to wait for the show and tell.

It’s taken about three and a half weeks to complete from sketching out a rough design to finishing the grouting. Sometimes I’ve spent a couple of hours continuously working on it. At other times I just glued a couple of tiles in place perhaps while making a brew. Grouting is a bit of a pig . You think that everything is tickety boo then bits get unstuck. It always takes a lot longer than expected because of the repair time needed to find and replace all those little bits of glass. There’s always something learn from the process. That’s part of the fun.

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  1. That’s really special – I love the movement you’ve created by the patterns you’ve created in the placement of the tiles, especially in the sky and around the numbers. Breezy!
    What’s the scale of the piece?

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