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I have a bucket list of artists that I’d like to see live. Coldplay are on it. The lead singer, Chris Martin, is a Devon lad hailing from Exeter. When listening to his music I sometimes wonder idly if he went on a cream tea and pasty eating spree after his breakup from Gwyneth Paltrow. He must have been a bit fed up with all that kale.

Anyway, Coldplay are playing in the UK in 2022. But it’s so expensive. The tickets are upwards of £200 even for standing. ‘No wonder they can afford to plant an effing tree for everyone in the audience.’ said Hot Stuff. He doesn’t mince his words.

So alas we’re not going unless something miraculous happens like a lottery win. Who knows what I can manifest? After all I did predict that I would touch Marcus Mumford. In the meantime. I’ll content myself to listening to the ‘Live in Bueno Aires’ album in the car. It’s a corker. If I close my eyes momentarily at traffic lights or when there’s a pony jam on Dartmoor I can briefly transport myself there. And thanks to Duolingo I can just about understand what Chris Martin says when he speaks to the audience. Here is my absolute favourite track from what appeared to be an outstanding concert, captured for prosperity.

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